You Might Be Surprised All the Ways We Help

We expand markets, drive efficiencies, and deliver good

  • Data-Driven Focus?

    If your company centers your business on customer and consumer data, we provide the right lens for viewing business and social impact

  • Need New Markets?

    One of the hardest struggles companies face is expanding their market.  We help open new markets by removing reinforced learning

  • Automating Decisions?

    There is great efficiency and return from automating recruiting, marketing, and approvals.  We ensure we don't also reinforce bias

  • Socially Conscious?

    Socially-driven companies and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion groups can leverage our systems to understand and address systemic bias

It's an Exciting Time of Opportunity

Our experience and solutions apply across industries.

Whether you are looking internally at your culture, building your teams, or looking externally at customers, we can help.

  • Automotive

    Marketing, Credit, Autonomous Vehicles

  • Education

    Access, Online Learning, Literacy

  • Employment & Recruiting

    Hiring, Performance, Retention Management

  • Financial Services

    Risk, Fraud Detection, Market Expansion

  • Real Estate

    Location Analysis, Prospecting, Approvals

  • Government & Non-Profit

    Social Impact, Law, Public Services

  • Healthcare & Wellness

    Literacy, Access, Distribution

  • Marketing & Communications

    Audience Insight, Market Growth, Data Privacy

  • Technology & Telco

    Literacy, Access, Distribution

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