Our Responsible AI (RAI) Design System

Bringing Humans and Technology Together

Responsible Artificial Intelligence enables, encourages, and includes diverse sets of stakeholders with unique perspectives

Responsible AI that Drives Growth

Our system goes beyond traditional approaches
to address data bias, reinforcement learning, misaligned teams, and stale audiences

Goal-Focused and Driven by Education & Collaboration

Responsible AI Design based on Human-Centered Design principles to ensure proper AI development and governance

Brings Teams Together

Mitigates Unintended Consequences

Uncovers New Audiences

Enables Growth

Beyond Ideas: Enabled by Interactive Tools

Our Design system is empowered by tools that enhance ability to deliver Responsible AI

All-in-1 Space for Responsibly Designing and Governing AI

SaaS/WikiTool Setup for Easy Collaboration

Solicit Input, Request and Track Approvals

Includes Supporting Education and Design Content

Seamless connection of strategy, analytic, and technology

Guided by an Approach that Incorporates Industry and Academic Best Practices

A Design Solution

Supported by Robust Capabilities

One Stop Shop for Guidance


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