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Tackling How We Build the Automated Systems of the Future

Equality vs. Profit 

We Believe You Can Have Both

Our Mission is to Future-Proof Businesses and Enable Fairness through Automation and AI

Our world is quickly moving towards a point where the majority of business applications will be delivered in an automated form. We need to ensure we are preparing for these automated systems and balance them with human decisions and processes.  We need to ensure we aren't creating self reinforcing bias.

At Eagna Analytics, we use our decades of experience in analytics and strategy to partner with clients on raising awareness and making data-driven decisions while keeping societal needs top of mind.

Eagna is


We have a goal to become wiser as we make our way through this world


Eagna, the Old Irish word for wisdom, reminds us of this goal

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Continuous Learning

Questions aren't answered in a vacuum.  You need continuous consumer and business insights

We help you set up the systems and processes that integrate our analytics into your business 


Holistic Frame of Mind

We work across your short and long term objectives


With technological evolution,  we are committed to bring together social and business good

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Partnership is Key

We partner with best-in-class tools to incorporate social change methodologies and to deliver enhanced solutions

Machine Learning Operations

Best-in-class tools to operationalize your algorithms



Design impactful communication tools



Rapid and continous pulse checks on the consumer



Ability to translate analytics into actions that realize returns



Best-in-class tools to operationalize your algorithms



Ensuring that we constantly  maintain best practices

Image by Simon Berger


I would change the knowledge I have into wisdom, so that the things that are to happen will be changed into the best that they may be

Padraic Colum

Leading Figure of the Irish Literary Revivial Children of Odin: A Book of Northern Myths, 1920

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