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  • Passionate Thought Leader in Responsible AI

  • Leader of Successful Fortune 50 Digital Transformation. Successful startup founder.

  • Foundations in Big 4 Consulting

  • AI Ethics Certificate: London School of Economics and Political Science

Brett Mowry
Founder & Managing Director

Bringing together his experiences and passions, Brett founded Eagna Analytics to mitigate the risks of automated intelligence while driving business return. 

At his core, Brett is an ethical analyst who drives innovation.


He started his career when statisticians like him, who understood data bias, worked with the data to drive decisions. Now, with AI and automation, there is a disconnect between the data and the decision.  Brett derives his passion from his understanding of the risks of embedding our biases into AI - and needing to ensure we manage these risks.  As he saw the scale of technology impact growing, he launched a Eagna to focus on education, strategy, and governance in Responsible AI. 


Over the past couple decades, Brett brought companies such as McDonald's, Bank of America, and State Farm responsibly into new frontiers like big data, digital marketing, and machine learning.  He builds analytic capabilities that bring together the entire business value chain – from product to marketing to operations and finance. 


Brett started his career by applying his Business and Mathematics majors from Carnegie Mellon at Price Waterhouse.  He has built and led significant strategy and analytic capabilities at companies within the Publicis Groupe, VSA Partners, and Omnicom and has founded or co-founded three successful start-ups across consulting, restaurant, and retail. 

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