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The Eagna Responsible AI Discovery Series

Meeting You Where You are - Leading You Forward

Whether you are wondering where Responsible AI fits into your world, beginning to plan your RAI efforts, or ready to fully address needs, we align with you

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RAI 101

Trying to understand how to think about Responsible AI?  Let us help you get started.

A quick and easy way to start to understand Responsible AI and begin the process of preparing for the future

Learn the latest trends, understand how AI impacts your industry, and start the right conversations 

Bring together a diverse set of organizational leaders across product, marketing, DEI, data science, and legal/policy 

The Eagna

RAI Workshop

Determine and Align on Organizational Maturity and Necessary Priority

Educational and breakout sessions to understand where you are and develop a charter for your vision

Define and begin addressing needs across KPIs, Data Biases, and Governance and more

We get hands on, but provide guidance to ensure you emerge with strong ownership and success

Your RAI Roadmap

Ready to take on RAI, but need guidance?  We work with you to set a path to success

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