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Superior technology and process that bring Responsible Artificial Intelligence to you

From research and machine learning to strategy and planning, we bring together the latest best practices, tools, and processes to enable your returns



Holistic Strategy Development

Bring Together Business & Society

It all starts with planning.  We ensure you have the right goals, right information and right plan to move forward. 


Our grounding in business strategy along with guidance from the latest is social equity best practice guides you

Goal Planning


Market Research

Operational Strategy


Decision Making

Key to addressing systemic bias is bringing together the right people, with the right information, in the right frame of reference  

Building off the latest academic and business thought leadership, we work with you to ensure fully informed decisions are made





Diversity in Processes


Timely Research

Gaining New Insights

As we discover  new trends in the market and data biases from past efforts, we need to be ready to dig deeper.. and quickly

With significant experience in market and consumer research, Eagna designs and delivers necessary insight to evolve your business in a responsible manner.

Research Design

Research Interpretation

Strategy Development

Viewing through
the Right Lens

Key to success is applying the best statistical and mathematical practices in a manner which represents the overall intent of the initiative

We enable data science teams to glean best practice and apply them in a responsible manner

Data Bias Assessment

Appropriate Blindness

Social Constrained Optimization


Data Science



Human-Machine Learning

The Scientific Method

It doesn't end with AI model development.  Much of Responsible AI is what happens once the algorithm is employed in the field.

We understand the need for robust implementation plans and bring the right tools and people to the table to ensure delivery

Structured Test Design

Model Performance Monitoring

Impact Assessment

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