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Artificial Intelligence 

Innovate responsibly
by bridging the gap between
policy and effective action

Generative AI is here.
Will you safely create an advantage?

Business is being automated.
How do you ethically enable growth?

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Our Responsible AI (RAI) Solutions

Bringing Humans and Technology Together

Built on Human-Centered Design Principles





A Discovery Series Aligned to Where You Are

New to RAI




Responsible AI Enabled by Collaborative Tools



Data Science

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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The Opportunity is Now....

Business leaders believe in integrating social and business value

Propel Stock Value

"[CEOs and their boards can embrace social value proactively ... to reinvent the company, reshape the industry, propel the stock, deliver remarkable impact, and leave a notable legacy of corporate public good"


Align with Growth

“The recent momentum in ESG Investing* is remarkable…  is fast growing in every geography … [and] may soon represent 44% of global assets under management” 

* Environmental, Social, Governance


Deliver Responsibly

"It’s important for algorithm operators and developers to always be asking themselves: Will we leave some groups of people worse off as a result of the algorithm’s design or its unintended consequences"


Designed to Deliver

 Realize sustainable business returns and address societal needs

Solutions Across Industries

Working with diverse sets of AI stakeholders and industries

Grow your business while mitigating societal risks

Financial Services, Auto, Education, Hiring and More

Our Perspective and Beliefs

Bring diverse experience to the table

Balance data-driven decisions with the right discussions

Optimize returns across societal and business needs

Capabilities that Drive Results

Best-in-class research, machine learning, and strategy 

Proprietary frameworks and tools to address systemic bias

Rapid Human-Machine Learning to grow quickly

Let's Get Started

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See our Solutions and Let's Plan to Grow Your Business  Together

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